Architectural Design Renders that inspire you to create your own minimal happy space

Barcelona based Six N. Five is a renowned studio doing some magical work with 3D renders alone – from doing process and landscape exploration for Microsoft to creating movies for Samsung. Taking a step back from the extremely realistic renders, each of these settings creates an environment, a mood that almost flows from the image to you and filling you with the sense of tranquility implied in the render. Working usually with a muted color pallet and using textures to create a realistic image, this collection will transport you to that location and let it become your zen space!

Now while we dream of post-quarantine scenarios, this one quite fits the bill! Inspired by Japanese gardens, this render is a part of a series of designs that replicate the symmetry and balance found in these gardens. Adding a modern touch to this is the boat, which is actually a practice at Chidorigafuchi, a park next to the Imperial Gardens in Tokyo. During the sakura (cherry blossom) season, the petals from the trees float over the lake with boats swimming amidst the sea of pink, making it one of the most beautiful experiences in Tokyo.

As a part of their soothing series of 3D Renders, the team at Six N. Five decided to add a focal point to their design – the humble chair. Using a chair in this simple palette of pink, purples, and just a hint of blue with the sea adds a scale/proportionality to the design and we love the tranquility projected in this render. Just looking at this image makes us want to be there and soak in the calm.

Drinking tea is an integral part of Japanese culture. This Japanese room, lined with a tatami floor mat, sliding screens for walls, and overlooking a Japanese zen garden is fit for royalty! While witnessing this scene in real life, it was the aroma of the tatami mats that amplified the experience for me. Sitting in that room, sipping matcha, and witnessing the symmetry of nature, what more can we ask for?

Being the masters of 3D rendering, the team at Six N. Five was asked by T Singapore – the Style Magazine of The New York Times to visualize their version of their dream living room. And this is the answer they gave. Choosing an unusual green as the single color to rule the entire room, the only pops of color are the yellow orb-like lamps that provide secondary light after the abundance of natural light.

Merging the influence of bonsai and minimalism, this Japanese living room design lets life flow in from outside. Using a circular opening in the roof to allow the tree to come into the home creates an interesting visual focal point in the room. With a tatami mat floor and simple cushions that allow you to sit cross-legged, the opening in the roof is surrounded by heavy curtains to close off the outside influence when not needed.

When envisioning their ideal quarantine space, the team at Six N. Five designed this modern living room, set with their own furniture – the Holo-Scandinavian armchair and the Opposite chair and sofa, all in a space together with modern amenities like a swimming pool. A pop of greenery and a loft-life space gives a separate zone for those who want to quarantine in peace.

Minimal and escapism at its finest, this floating bedroom space is like an island of serenity. With 2020 making us all want to run away, this cocoon is the answer to social distancing and escaping needs. Now if only someone can tell us if there is any wi-fi connectivity there…

Designed to be the space you can unwind in at the end of the day, this bedroom concept features the studio’s Saturn lamp and Park Uno bed. What a refreshing way to help you visualize the products and get inspired at the same time!

Home is where the heart is, or in this case, the colors are! Six N. Five team’s home showcases a riot of colors, minimal seating, strategically placed rugs, and even a green false ceiling!

Going back to their love of Japanese Designs, this minimal bedroom boasts of a perfectly circular window overlooking a lush green gardens scene. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to such a view!

While the pandemic reigns around us, it is very important to have a happy space that is all yours to go and relax in when things around get too troublesome. So get inspired and create your happy place!