The Sunlight Clock aims to de-stress you by redefining the passage of time

The Sunlight Clock will make you feel like you are watching the sunset instead of making you want to rush. And it comes with a cube that lets you catch the sunlight and use it later! Designer Linda set out to challenge the perception of time and she did that by letting you create your own timeline with the cube.

The sunlight clock was designed to challenge the general emotion a clock radiates – the urgency of time fleeting is replaced by a calm feeling of just watching the light fade gently. This clock is meant to be in spaces where you are at rest, where you can let time pass without having to do anything about it. The minimal design only has numbers and lets sunlight dictate what angle it forms, much like the sundial which is one of the first clocks used by humans. The designer also has a small concrete cube with a slit for the light that you can use to place on surfaces that tells you about the passage of time. Linda shares the DIY design to help you create your own concrete mold. Once your concrete box is set and dry, all you have to do is set up the internal circuit and your personal time-free timeline monitor is ready to use. You can create your own timeline to meditate, read, listen to music as the ray of sunlight moves around. So if you don’t have a place with a lot of natural light, the cube will make up for it!

The cube lets you catch the sunlight which otherwise disappears into the wall thanks to the fitted circuit inside that mimics the same behavior. So you can have your own beam of light that helps you wind down and makes you cherish the passing time!

Designer: Linda B

The Concrete box DIY process