This motorized standing desk has creative ways to hide your cables and your work

Gumpo Steno Sit-to-Stand Desk Concept

Almost three years into the pandemic, you should already know by now the importance of getting up after long hours of sitting in front of the computer. Health is wealth, but because most of us are still cooped up at home, it may be best to look for ways to get moving despite the limitations. Sure, you can buy all the sports equipment that can fit in your home gym and buy all the stylish workout clothes, but for many of us that need to sit for hours to concentrate on work, a standing desk may be more beneficial. Standing more often can put you in a better mood, while doing it frequently may make you feel healthier and more energized. With such a straightforward tool, you can start small in making better choices when it comes to health and fitness.

Designers: Gerhardt Kellermann and Ana Relvao

Gumpo Steno Sit-to-Stand Desk Design

Gumpo Steno Sit-to-Stand Features

Gerhardt Kellermann and Ana Relvao of RELVAOKELLERMANN understand the need for people to work eight or more hours each day at their desks. There is a call for more ergonomic tables as such help in providing comfort and increasing productivity, especially on hectic days when you are reminded to reduce stress and be mindful of your health. You can get a comfortable and ergonomic chair for proper support, but it won’t matter if your table isn’t of the right height.

Gumpo Steno Sit-to-Stand Desk

Gumpo Steno Sit-to-Stand

Your arms, shoulders, and neck can easily be strained if your desk is too low or too high, and with all the choices for standing tables and desks, it may be challenging to select one that is perfect for you. Of course, you can always trim down the list, but we want you to settle on something like the Steno Sit-and-Stand Work Desk. Designed by Kellermann and Relvao for Gumpo, the Steno work table allows you to work comfortably while sitting down or standing up.

Concept Gumpo Steno Sit-to-Stand Desk

The Steno Sit-to-Stand Desk makes an impression with a distinctive silhouette—a wedge-shaped tabletop, a round cable tray, a flat foot, and side brackets that can cover the structure and technology. You can attach other parts like a screening wall to cover your work, a cable tray to hide the cords, and whatever accessories you need to get a job done. Whether seated or standing, you can work with ease, efficiency, speed, and comfort, thanks to the desk’s ergonomics, structure, and durability. The Steno Sit-to-Stand Desk changes its height with a motorized mechanism, making it ideal for modern and industrial offices that demand high productivity, quality services, and productiveness. You don’t have to be in a real office to get the Steno, as this will also look better in your home office or learning station.

Gumpo Steno Sit and Stand Desk 4

Gumpo Steno Sit and Stand Desk 5

The Steno Desk was designed for Gumpo’s Normcore collection that includes furniture pieces that easily blend into the environment, precisely, a modern office. Gumpo is a brand that offers innovative solutions for public spaces and offices, launching the Normcore furniture collection with premium quality and aesthetic standards. The brand is modern and industrial, and this Steno is a perfect example of what Gumpo promises to deliver: efficiency, satisfaction, adaptability, and quality.

The look of the Steno is not overwhelming, but it can command attention well, especially when the user is standing. Every person working behind the Steno motorized desk can be assured to be inspired, encouraged, and energized all the time. Compared to sitting down, standing offers many benefits, including better health, lower risk of obesity and weight gain, better posture, reduced back pain and boosted mood and focus. This sit-and-stand desk could be the perfect solution for your work and physical needs–all you are required to do is use the standing mode more often than the sitting mode.

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