Kitchen Appliances that will perfectly assist your chef dreams: Part 2

One thing this quarantine has done is upped our cooking skills – post quarantine, MasterChef is going to have a new record for the number of contestants! Now while we grapple to serve our food cravings while balancing them against our average cooking skills, one thing we can do more with is innovative kitchen appliances! A good kitchen appliance is like a quality sous chef – they can do everything from chop, cook, keep an eye on the food that may get burnt to even use AI to ensure your toast is just perfection. Our collection today’s shows the best of kitchen helpers who will be the perfect sous chef to your chef dreams!

Ordine by Adriano Design is an innovative cooking solution designed for the modern user. Optimized for small spaces, the design eliminates the need for a bulky traditional stove, clearing the way for more cabinet and counter space. The design features two hob units that are mounted on a central power hub on the wall. Elevated neatly out of the way, the user must simply grab one or both hobs off the wall and set the desired temperature to activate.

Nothing should prevent one from enjoying one of life’s simple pleasures: a hot cup of tea! Designed with this in mind, TILT by Andy Walton is a kettle that makes it easy for anyone to fill, heat, and pour despite disability, weakness, mobile impairment or age. It’s all made possible with a unique hinge system that aids in the pouring process by reducing the strain on the arms. Additionally, an integrated cup filling system reduces the weight that would normally be required to lift a traditional kettle.

The Cheat Sheets by Chris Place & Will Matters of Prepd are basically, and this reference couldn’t be more relevant, social distancing containers for your ingredients. You use the same baking tray, but the Cheat Sheets silicone containers sit ON the tray, giving you miniature compartments to cook your food in. Veggies like asparagus that need shorter cook times can be added in the same tray as salmon, which needs more time in the oven. Once you feel like the asparagus is done, just reach in with your baking mitten and pull just the asparagus container out of the oven and let the salmon still cook inside. It’s easy, simple, and here’s the best part – your baking tray never gets dirty!

Unlike traditional 4-burner systems, the Cookacross by Zaviè Design Studio features a grid of multiple gas outlets with independent valves that shut on/off instantaneously. The smart system automatically detects the size of the pot or pan placed on the surface and turns on the individual gas outlets beneath it. This not only prevents waste but ensures the evenest heat distribution of any stovetop solution. Of course, users can also pull up the COOKACROSS app on their smartphone and reduce the number or the heating level with a simple swipe or touch.

STEAMIE, designed and developed by award-winning Mindsailors Design Studio, reintroduces steam into mainstream cooking. Steam has a way of cooking food without diluting its flavor, giving you healthy food that’s rich in nutrients as well as packed with great taste. The tabletop appliance uses this power to help prepare food that’s both nutritious and tasty. The layered appliance houses a water bath below, and food (be it veggies or meat) placed in perforated trays above. STEAMIE then uses a unique turbo convection method to rapidly steam-cook the food. These pressurized jets of steam measure 125°C and instantly close external pores of meat, vegetables or seafood, locking the flavor within, while the heat from the steam helps cook the food. The fact that the food isn’t immersed in water (like with boiling) helps keep the food from tasting watery or ‘wet’.

OGarden by Pierre Nibart is the indoor gardening system that makes growing fruit and veg a breeze! By bringing the produce into the home, you are no longer reliant on the weather, therefore having greater control of the entire process. An incredible 90 plants can be grown simultaneously, with 60 plants flourishing within the wheel, and a further 30 seedlings growing in the cabinet below! OGarden features a rather unique watering system that controls the plant’s water intake; the rotating wheel gives each plant the optimum amount of time to take in the water, allowing them to thrive, whilst a secondary reservoir that’s coupled with a pump provides the developing seedlings with water.

Revolution Cooking’s R180 Toaster claims to be the world’s first 2-slice, high-speed smart toaster. Sounds interesting? Let’s dive right into it! Featuring three toasting modes, seven toasting shades, and five food settings, it really is toast heaven out here! From your everyday toast to English muffins, bagels, waffles, and Pop-Tarts, this smart toaster can prepare it all. And the word on the street is, you don’t have to stuff your waffles and bagels into it, it’s pretty spacious! Abandoning the traditional heating coil technology used in toasters since the 1800s, Revolution Cooking adopted a diamond-shaped heating system, which browns the bread evenly. The groundbreaking toaster toasts the bread in the fraction of the time of conventional toasters!

Contemporary, compact and easily portable the Noori V01 by designer Eduardo Gayotto comprises a rounded bullet-like body modeled from heat- resistant refractory concrete. An L-shape enamel pipe transports the fuel through the body of the stove to the grilling surface. The multipurpose stove optimizes the combustion of fuel, allowing us to completely skip out on the unwanted smoke that slithers out during the cooking process. The base consists of wheels, allowing us to easily transport, store and arrange the stove depending on the occasion and the location.

The Thanko Electric Bento rice cooker is here to make rice omnipresent – literally. This portable cooker will let you cook a bowl of warm rice wherever you are! It is a perfect gadget for those who want to cook a single-serve in a short time and the LED light will glow when it is ready. It is very optimal for those who travel often or want fresh food at the office instead of takeout. The cooker has the capacity to cook 6 ounces of rice at a time and comes with a measuring cup for convenience. Add water, rice, and depending on the ounces it should be cooked between 14 and 20 minutes. Unlike the usual cookers, this particular device doesn’t let out steam or make any noise so it is discreet enough to use practically anywhere.

COFFEEJACK comes from Ashley Hribar-Green & Matthew Aston Cain who have set out to shrink the coffee machine to a form factor so small, you might as well carry it around everywhere you go along with the rest of your belongings. The COFFEEJACK works with any coffee-grind, enabling you to have your favorite espresso anywhere you go. Just add your coffee grind to the lower chamber and COFFEEJACK’s in-built tamper will level the grounds and pack them tightly. Open out the pump and pour hot water into the upper chamber and you’re ready to go! The espresso maker’s manual pump matches the high-pressure output of most coffee machines, giving you an espresso that is as deliciously thick and even has that layer of flavor-packed crema on top, just like the one your barista makes with professional equipment. Who needs Starbucks anymore? Not just quarantine, this goes into our apocalypse survival kit!

From a bachelor to a family, each of these appliances meets a particular demand you never knew could be so easily fulfilled! For more innovative kitchen appliances, check out the first part of this series!