Heat Where You Need, Not Where You Don’t


A 2018 Red Dot Design Concept winner, the COOKACROSS is aptly named for the unique way in which it adapts to your pots and pans of different size, instead of the other way around! After all, modern kitchen sizes are shrinking and so is the amount of storage space we have. Gone are the days when the average household has enough room for a deluxe set of various and specific vessel sizes, so it only makes sense that our stovetops do the adjusting.

Unlike traditional 4-burner systems, it features a grid of multiple gas outlets with independent valves that shut on/off instantaneously. The smart system automatically detects the size of the pot or pan placed on the surface and turns on the individual gas outlets beneath it. This not only prevents waste but ensures the most even heat distribution of any stovetop solution. Of course, users can also pull up the COOKACROSS app on their smartphone and reduce the number or the heating level with a simple swipe or touch.

The Cookacross is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2018.

Designer: Zaviè Design Studio