How many laws of physics does it take to hold this table together?

Tension is both a physical and mental state a body can be in – and I am sure we are feeling some of that right now. I was amused that the same feeling could be translated so well into a piece of furniture that actually looks good. This conceptual table is actually called ‘Ten s ion’ – it looks like the designer was trying to break the tension.

The minimal black side table almost looks luxurious – it has slim legs and a smooth top which are held in place with a brightly colored cable suspended from the center. Tension is what makes this table unique, might I even say that tension ‘adds character’ to this table. You can adjust the height of the table by adjusting the cable length. The neon-colored cables are what make it stand out, they are subtle but the yellow and blue make the monochromatic tables pop even more. The simple combinations make it appealing to every generation and interior setting.

Having the tension table in your home is sure to attract some attention because we all know the concept but we never see it being used to create actually usable furniture that fits our aesthetic – until ‘Ten s ion’ came to the scene. Obviously, keep it away from pets and kids.

Designer: Mike Tracz