The world’s fastest touchscreen-equipped toaster cooks the perfect toast…every singe time!

With 2020 here, we deserve the most innovative and the coolest products…even when it comes to a toaster. Because let’s be honest there’s nothing better than the perfect slice of toast, with glistening butter slathered onto it. And boy, am I glad to say, the toaster of the future is here! Revolution Cooking’s R180 Toaster claims to be the world’s first 2-slice, high-speed smart toaster. Sounds interesting? Let’s dive right into it!

Featuring three toasting modes, seven toasting shades, and five food settings, it really is toast heaven out here! From your everyday toast to English muffins, bagels, waffles and Pop-Tarts, this smart toaster can prepare it all. And the word on the street is, you don’t have to stuff your waffles and bagels into it, it’s pretty spacious! Abandoning the traditional heating coil technology used in toasters since the 1800s, Revolution Cooking adopted a diamond-shaped heating system, which browns the bread evenly. The groundbreaking toaster toasts the bread in the fraction of the time of conventional toasters!

Not to mention it features an intuitive touchscreen, allowing you to pick, choose and customize your toast preferences. The smart toaster can adjust its settings according to the type of bread you pop into it. Other interesting features include a removable crumb tray, as well as a reminder to clean it, and a digital clock when not in use!

The R180 Toaster promises consistency always, so you never have to worry about your toast veering off course. Perfectly browned, packed with flavor, every piece of bready goodness that leaves this toaster promises to be pure perfection! And of course, you have to appreciate the R180’s sleek modern looks that make it worthy of being placed in our kitchens.

Designer: Revolution Cooking

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