10 innovative yet handy products designed to boost your productivity!

In today’s day and age, we don’t have a lot of free time on our hands. We, especially, need products that help us complete our tasks in the most effective and productive manner possible! So, we’ve curated a collection of time-and-space-saving products that promise to boost your productivity, and save up on those couple of extra minutes!

The Encompass toothbrush’s unique J-shaped design is what sets it apart. Designed by RYCA International, its J-shape allows it to self-adjust to the shape of your jaw, covering both your upper and lower teeth with bristles that vibrate at a precise 100 strokes per second, while the bristles themselves are positioned to give you the right pressure, intensity and angle for efficient brushing in just 10 seconds on each (left and right) side. So you can complete brushing every corner of your mouth within minutes!


Designed by The God Things Team, the PrinCube is meant to be grabbed with one hand and run across any surface and it performs a neat, seamless, colored inkjet-print on it. The PrinCube isn’t just small, it’s hand-held, wireless, and incredibly versatile. It can print on materials your desktop printer doesn’t even dream of. Paper, cardboard, wood, metal, cloth, working on flat, textured, and even curved surfaces. No more dealing with cumbersome printers that take ages to print your material!


COFFEEJACK by Ashley Hribar-Green & Matthew Aston Cain is the smallest espresso machine on the market (only 100mm high) while producing coffee shop quality coffee. It has a patent-pending micro-hydraulic press inside it that can pump out coffee at a magical excess of 9 bars of pressure, rivaling any professional-grade espresso maker. So you don’t have to head to a coffee shop, every time you crave some premium quality espresso!

Designed by Eugene Dubovoy & Vladimir Levitin, evaCHILL is a portable air conditioner that is compact enough to be mobile, intuitive enough to be easily controlled and stylish enough to look right at home within your workspace! Careful attention has been paid to the ergonomics of the device, to create a fluid and simple form of interaction that elevates the user experience. It’s refined aesthetics lead to an attractive device that doesn’t demand attention or dominate the desk! Whether it’s at home, or on a camping trip or on a trek, evaCHILL can cool you anywhere within moments!

The GPCA Carabiner can handle it all! The multifunctional EDC serves as a Philips head and a flathead screwdriver, as well as a box-cutter. The frame itself is optimized for function too, with a bottle opener and a prybar built right into its bottom. The carabiner’s clip comes with a spring-loaded gate and a knurled ring that locks the clip in its place. Screw the ring upwards and the gate also has a secret hidden compartment for a flintstone too. The GPCA Carabiner is the one EDC that can virtually solve all your issues!

Designed by Jorg Neugebauer & Kai Wiehagen, the FLECTR LUBRI DISC helps you lube your bike chain in seconds. It keeps the process clean and is eco-friendly. The best part is that you will not have to dirty your fingers. It delivers the lube reliably and evenly to your chain in just seconds! It is an incredible tool for the basic care of your bike chain.

Designed by Lksoo Jun of Dadam Micro, the puripot is an air purifier that can virtually run forever without needing to be maintained or cleaned. The puripot uses something known as Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysis to purify the air around you. At its base sits a water bath that you replenish every couple of days. The water traps fine dust while also humidifying the air, while the puripot itself uses TiO2, a photocatalytic ceramic material that’s capable of instantly killing bacteria and VOCs that carry odor. And compared to other air purifiers it’s a much more effective and convenient alternative!

Designed by Kevin Zhu, the U-Bolt Pro calls itself the ultimate 6 in 1 Smart DeadBolt. And it lives up to its name. For example, use the Smartphone App, or your fingerprint. Passcode, mechanical key, and even a proximity lock! However, the ‘Magic Shake’, is the most amusing way to unlock the door! Simply shake your phone in front of the lock, and the door opens! No more dealing with locks and keys, you can now access your home within minutes!

Designed to add value in more ways than one, the ZENLET Coil can be used indoors as a wireless charger that also works as an air freshener, or on the go, as a portable wireless power-bank that extends its use as an aromatherapy device.

Designed as a two-part stool by JUUCE (Ralph Christian Bremenkamp & Daniel Thomas Kövary), the Stuul occupies a fraction of its intended space when not in use, and transforms into two foot-stools when you’re on the John. Using Stuul helps elevate your legs in a way that resembles the squatting posture that’s clinically proven to make the job easier. Stuul’s design helps position the legs at the desired angle to help promote a healthy bathroom routine and prevent diseases like IBS. You can have the most productive bathroom routine with the Stuul!

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