The GPCA Carabiner is a badass EDC multitool that could literally save your life

Want to suspend your backpack from a fence, or your keys from the belt loop of your pants? The GPCA Carabiner can handle it. Want to cut boxes? GPCA has it sorted. Want to tighten a screw or remove nails from wood, you’re taken care of with the GPCA. Want to bust open a few bottles of beer, the GPCA is your friend. Want to literally fight off an attacker? The GPCA’s there to protect you! With so many uses that you’ll run out of fingers to count them on, the GPCA Carabiner is a multitool designed to get you through any sort of situation. Fine-tuned to be the multitool to end all multitools, the handy carabiner comes with a set of essential instruments integrated into its design, for every brand of emergency imaginable… and that isn’t hyperbole.

The GPCA’s titanium construction (there are stainless steel and aluminum variants too) literally makes it one of the toughest EDCs to fit on your belt… so much so that you can literally use the GPCA as a pair of brass knuckles to fight off any threat outdoors. The carabiner itself is sturdy enough to carry up to a few hundred pounds more than any EDC carabiners *Not rated for climbing, yet compact enough to work as a keychain. Integrated into its outer frame are a Philips head and a flathead screwdriver, as well as a box-cutter that can also be used to whittle wood, pierce packets of food, or cut cords; while the frame itself is optimized for function too, with a bottle opener and a prybar built right into its bottom.

The carabiner’s clip comes with a spring-loaded gate and a knurled ring that locks the clip in its place (for added functionality, the clip/gate has a lock symbol etched onto it that’s visible only when the knurled ring is securely screwed to the carabiner). Screw the ring upwards and the gate also has a secret hidden compartment for a flintstone too, giving you complete command and control over your outdoor activities. Brought to you by the team that designed the 1945 bolt-action tactical pen, the GPCA carabiner shares a similar outlook of being a feature-rich product that you’d want to carry everywhere you go, partially because of its universal functionality, and partially because it’s such a badass little EDC tool you’re going to love having your own.

Designer: Team GPCA

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GPCA Utility Carabiner

Patent pending minimalist utility carabiner with essential gears for adventurist and all. Do more with less.

Open Your Boxes

Compact integrated box cutter is made from 2mm Steel or Titanium. The modular system of the GP-Carabiner allows you to customize it. This feature is TSA friendly. You have a smooth riding edge as the sliding base to set the cutting angle and depth to avoid cutting the goos inside the box. Your fingers are protected as well. The ergonomic design allows for easy one-hand usage.

Open Your Bottles

It’s capable for the casual outing or formal dinner with its ergonomic thumb rest spot and high leverage.

Fix a Screw

The GPCA carabiner has an integrated Philips + Flat head screwdriver, form-fitting inside the CNC machined unibody. The build more importantly provides much needed grip and torque for turning screws even more than any regular compact screwdrivers.

Pry Open a Nail

The prong on the opening doubles as an excellent pry tool and nail remover thanks to the side curvature. It provides leverage and comfort which most small pry bars lack.

Compared to most flat compact pry tools and even full size hammer, the curvature GPCA carabiner’s pry tool pulls higher, stronger, and with more leverage.

Easy to Carry

Chain your car keys, slim wallet, and carrying tools with less weight alongside your keys on this masterpiece.

Hang Your Gear

The GPCA carabiner can hang off tree sticks, wire, or rope up to 1″ in diameter.

Carry Your Load

The GPCA carabiner gives you a strong hand to carry bags, water bottles, shop tool pouches.

Protect With EDC

Quick-access knuckles to protect when in doubt of your safety in the wild or urban jungle.


Options: Titanium T4 | Stainless Steel 402 | Aluminum 6061

Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $49.95 (40% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left! Raised over $500,000.