The stuul is a toilet-stool that makes your ‘morning business’ easy-breezy

The first ‘job’ (we’re a family site and I’ll stay clear of the word!) of the day is usually a tough one. Some people first need their morning coffee, with other people it’s like clockwork, and for the rest of us, it’s just guess-work. Either way, stuul promises to make the journey easier. Designed as a two-part stool, the stuul occupies a fraction of its intended space when not in use, and transforms into two foot-stools when you’re on the John. Using stuul helps elevate your legs in a way that resembles the squatting posture that’s clinically proven to make the job easier. stuul’s design helps position the legs at the desired angle to help promote a healthy bathroom routine and prevent diseases like IBS.

With a design-conscious approach, the stuul is styled less as a clinical product and more as something fitting of being in your well-decorated bathroom. The two tripod-stools fit together into each other, becoming a single form that’s easy to stash somewhere for later, while its faceted design gives it a decidedly premium feel. The stuul is made from a special material with a high strength-to-weight ratio in a sustainable factory with a carbon-neutral manufacturing process. The material is naturally warm, soft, neutral to the skin, is relatively inert, and doesn’t leave any marks on your tiled floor. Moreover, stuul is 100% recyclable. Available in 5 colors to complement your bathroom’s decor, the stuul is easy to use, great to look at, saves on space, and sets you up for a great beginning to the day, if you know what I mean!

Designers: JUUCE (Ralph Christian Bremenkamp & Daniel Thomas Kövary)

Click Here to Buy Now: $99. Hurry, Free International Shipping Only Till December 2019.

stuul – Re-thinking the Toilet Stool

stuul is the first attempt to disrupt this important product area through an innovative and holistic design approach. It is a known and proven fact that the toilets we use in our western society are a contributing factor to irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids and even chronic bowel diseases through an unfavorable ergonomic posture of our 90° seating position.

The solution to this issue is quite simple: just place an ergonomically fitting footstool in front of the toilet that forces you into a more natural and healthy squatting position.

A foot stool put in front of the toilet forces us into a healthier squat position which happens to provide an effective quick fix to the issue. stuul actively supports your wellbeing and health while being a contemporary and beautifully stylish addition to any modern bathroom interior. stuul’s high tech material is warm & soft to the touch, neutral to skin acids, non-reacting to cleaning substances and 100% recyclable.

stuul consists of two identical stools that can be inserted into each other. The innovative and award winning two-piece design takes up far less space in the bathroom, is beautiful and discreetly unobtrusive.

More practical: stuul is out of the way when not in use, and the high tech material is warm, soft, neutral to the skin and unaffected by exposure to most chemicals. It also has a very high strength-to-weigh ratio, withstands impacts without damage and won’t leave any scratch marks on the floor.

More beautiful: stuul is the first toilet stool designed to fit modern, premium bathroom interiors.

More ecological: stuul is a 100% climate neutral product and sustainably produced in Germany. All production-related emissions are reduced to a minimum and all remaining CO₂ emissions are offset with climate protection measures. In case anyone ever wanted to dispose of it, the makers invite their customers to send it back to their production site so it can be directly fed back into the material cycle.

More economical: Our product consists of more than 90% pure air – which is not only good for your back when handling it, but also for the environment. The small amount of material saves natural resources and allows for a very low use of energy for its transport.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99. Hurry, Free International Shipping Only Till December 2019.