This Will Blow Your Caffeine-loaded Mind!


The Duo Coffee Steeper is a new approach to the traditional French press. With a full immersion and robust extraction steeping process, Duo gives you the full bodied taste similar to a French press. Unlike the French press, Duo’s double filter ensures no gunk at the bottom of your cup. Duo also eliminates the tedious, manual aspect of the pour-over method, while maintaining the crispness of the pour-over.

Simply add grounds and coffee to the upper brewing chamber, stir, and replace the lid. Let steep for four minutes, then twist the top to release your coffee into the bottom glass carafe. Pour and enjoy.

Stick Duo in your fridge with coffee and grounds for 8-12 hours for cold brew. Add ice to hot coffee for Japanese style iced coffee. Or, steep loose leaf tea.

Duo makes up to 4 cups and is dishwasher safe. With a stainless steel brewing chamber, stainless steel filters, and a hand blown borosilicate glass carafe, Duo maintains a full bodied, crisp cup of coffee.

Designer: Hanna McPhee