Air Jordan X1 Jubilee sneakers are the inspiration behind this lawnmower crafted by Mansory

If you are wondering what a lawnmower has to do with the Air Jordan sneaker, then let me enlighten you with the fact that Tinker Hatfield, the creator of the first Air Jordan XI was heavily inspired by the design of a ride-on lawnmower. What goes around comes around, so to pay homage to this ideation, German luxury car tuner Mansory and BSTN Germany’s premium sportswear came together to craft the BSTN GT XI lawnmower, on the occasion of the launch of the super-sleek Air Jordan X1 Jubilee sneakers celebrating the 25 seasons in basketball.

Mansory has shown what it can do with vehicles like golf caddies, so a lawnmower as special as this one had to be the brainchild of the master tuner. BSTN GT X1 also gets a touch of expertise from DB Avantgarde, another luxury car customizer. The result is a lawnmower customized to the finest little details – down to the nuts and bolts. Mansory created the bespoke body parts, the carbon-fiber panels, the leather-carbon steering wheel, and the custom-tailored racing seat for this 1of1 piece. To give the lawnmower that signature Jordan feel, there are details including the cool silver inclusions, Mansory logo all around that matches the Jordan logos/lettering on the heel and eyelets of the special edition shoe.

The BSTN GT X1 lawnmower and the XI Jubilee edition are a testimony of the legendary Air Jordan signature line, therefore, the BSTN campaign has the 20-year-old FC Bayern Munich shooting star Alphonso Davies, who himself is a huge fan of the sneaker line. While the XI Jubilee edition sneakers are available for purchase right now, the BSTN GT X1 lawnmower is a one-off creation paying homage to the unique idea that cropped-up from the unassuming design of a lawnmower.

Designer: BSTN and Mansory