Ice tray meets storage with this minimal icebox!

The Reversible Lid Ice Box combines an ice tray and an icebox to create one handy kitchen accessory that’s perfect for all your parties! Designed by DesignWright, the twin-wall icebox features a flip-over lid lined with bubble-inspired geometry. Showcasing 33 hexagons, you can fill up the lid with water, and put it aside to freeze. The geometric ice cubes that are formed can be easily transferred into the icebox, by simply pressing the lid, and ejecting the cubes into the box. The box can hold up to 130 pieces of ice. You can then shut the box using the lid, or fill up the lid with water again to freeze some more cubes!

The Reversible Lid Ice Box allows you to freeze and store ice cubes at the same time! So you’ll never run out of ice. And you can now cast aside your boring old ice trays, and instead, use this super cute accessory. It’s white/black ABS and silicone structure, plus its decorative lid give it a very bubble-like and minimal aesthetic! The Reversible Lid Ice Box is perfect for your next cocktail party.

Designer: DesignWright

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