EDC designs that will become your everyday essentials: Part 2

A couple of good EDC tools can come in handy at any time or any moment, especially when you least expect them to. They can release you from the trickiest of situations and are super easy to carry about. We know how useful an EDC can be at critical moments, hence we’ve compiled a collection of EDC tools that are bound to help you out of the toughest pickles!

YeongKyu Yoo of cloudandco has designed two wallets that are extremely slim – WalletType1 and SlimWalletType1. The former is a bi-fold design with 6 pockets, and the latter is a card wallet with 2 pockets. The key to the form are the layers and the invisible stitches. Sporting a multi-layer construction with uniform thickness, the edges of the wallets are precisely painted for the ultimate seamless look.

The GPCA Carabiner can handle it all! The multifunctional EDC serves as a Philips head and a flathead screwdriver, as well as a box-cutter. The frame itself is optimized for function too, with a bottle opener and a prybar built right into its bottom. The carabiner’s clip comes with a spring-loaded gate and a knurled ring that locks the clip in its place. Screw the ring upwards and the gate also has a secret hidden compartment for a flintstone too.


Designed by Sahil Ravjit & Andra Wibisono, the Odyssey Watch is an elegant, modern take on a classic precision timepiece – the chronograph. Its distinguished sub-dials have marked plates in place of traditional hands, creating the illusion of time passing as numbers slowly vanish out of sight. Dotted markers orbit at varying speeds, drawing the eye to a graceful movement while indicated the time elapsed.

Stilform Studio known for working with simple shapes and subtly beautiful magnetic interactions, the Arc Pen follows suit with a magnetic click-to-lock pen cap that automatically aligns in place as soon as you hold it near either end of the pen.

The 3Dsimo MultiPro by Petr Duba is a pen-shaped tool that is literally a designer’s best friend, helping them prototype, and create in ways never envisioned before! It comes with interchangeable heads! They let you drill, engrave, burn-etch, solder, 3D print, screw-unscrew, and even cut. The 3Dsimo MultiPro was designed to be the smallest workshop ever made.

Designed by The God Things Team, the PrinCube is meant to be grabbed with one hand and run across any surface and it performs a neat, seamless, colored inkjet-print on it. The PrinCube isn’t just small, it’s hand-held, wireless, and incredibly versatile. It can print on materials your desktop printer doesn’t even dream of. Paper, cardboard, wood, metal, cloth, working on flat, textured, and even curved surfaces.

Just 54mm long, and 25mm wide, Dapper Design’s TL Micro flashlight puts a powerful 280-lumen torchlight into the form factor of a key-fob. It runs for 17 hours, and its highest brightness setting is said to be five times stronger than your phone’s flashlight! The TL Micro is aided by the Klip, a pocket knife. With a 66 millimeter pocket-clip-shaped body and a foldable tanto-style blade, the Klip pocket knife is capable as well as compact.

With one USB-C port at one end, and a WIDE variety of possibilities at the other, the Dongle lets you connect everything from a LAN cable, to a pair of headphones, to memory cards, to even iPods (Hallelujah!)

With a classic form on the outside and a high-quality refill on the inside, the Wingback by Alasdair MacLaine is a really reliable writing instrument. Its classic form sports a knurled grip for sheer tactile delight and a knurled end-cap that you can screw off to access the pen’s refill on the inside. The Wingback comes with a Fisher PR4 pressurized cartridge.

Designed to add value in more ways than one, the ZENLET Coil can be used indoors as a wireless charger that also works as an air freshener, or on the go, as a portable wireless power-bank that extends its use as an aromatherapy device.

If you’re interested in more nifty EDC tools like these, check out Part 1 of this series!