Award-winning studio stilform’s magnetic Arc Pen is simple, luxurious, delightful and lasts a lifetime

Perhaps the most appropriate way to describe the Arc Pen is to use the phrase “What if a pen was somehow a combination of simple and advanced?” With a form, interaction, and experience that makes it the Apple of pen-design, the Arc Pen comes from Germany-based multiple-award-winning design studio stilform. Known for working with simple shapes and subtly beautiful magnetic interactions, the Arc Pen follows suit with a magnetic click-to-lock pen cap that automatically aligns in place as soon as you hold it near either end of the pen.

However, it isn’t simply the use of magnets which makes the Arc Pen delightful, but rather a combination of design and engineering. The pen comes with a deceptively simple form, machined out of aerospace-grade aluminum. Its cylindrical design is punctuated by a chamfer, running along the length of the pen on both sides. The two chamfers prevent the pen from rolling on flat surfaces, as well as a visual indication of the pen/cap alignment. The pen’s internal magnet follows this chamfer, snapping into place perfectly every time. In order to open the pen too, one must simply break the alignment by twisting the cap ever so slightly, and the internal magnets push the pen and cap apart. The cap fits on the rear of the pen too, aligning magically every time so as to never visually break character.

The Arc Pen ships fitted with a Pilot Juice Up gel refill which provides crisp, confident, unbreaking lines, making it ideal for sketching concepts, creating schematics, or even noting down ideas and penning proses. The refills come in a choice of 3 colors and 3 line-widths, while the Arc Pen remains compatible with all Pilot-style G2 refills. Equipped with a lifetime warranty, each Arc Pen comes with an all-metal construction without using any glue or plastic parts in its assembly. A variant of the Arc Pen comes with a full-body ruler cap for artists, engineers, and architects… and for true haute-stationery aficionados, the Arc Pen even has a robust all-titanium variant, lasting you not one, but multiple lifetimes!

Designer: stilform

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Arc Pen – World’s First 2-Sided Magnetically Aligning Pen

A Minimalist gel ink pen with a magnetic self-aligning mechanism and an innovative ruler cap.

The gel pen has a magnetic mechanism on both ends of the pen. Its anti-roll chamfered surfaces along the pen body get aligned perfectly all by itself.

What is Special About the Arc Pen

It clicks, it attracts, it aligns – A minimalist gel pen that always presents its best self. The magical precise alignment is realized through strong 4-pole neodymium magnets on both ends of the pen. There are no visible threads! Simply twist the cap open and start your creative journey.

Innovative Ruler Cap – Upgrade the stilform Arc to the alternative version with an integrated ruler cap and declutter your desk space!

The inch and centimeter scales are perfect for quick sketches, technical drawings and precise measurements.

See the alternative Ruler Version in action below:

Unique anti-roll surface – The chamfered surface along the pen body works as an effective anti-roll design. It guarantees a good grip, when you are holding the pen and writing with it.

Titanium & Aluminum – All parts are precision-machined from high-grade titanium or aluminum. These superb materials are well known for the extremely high durability and exceptional light weight. The matte surface of the Arc in Titanium is especially resistant against scratches due to a special PVD-coating and delivers a fine satin feeling.

Quality made in Germany – The all-metal construction functions without any glue or plastic parts. The team works closely with the advanced assembly facility in Germany to ensure a long-lasting product and smooth production schedule.

Best Gel Ink Refill – The stilform Arc is armed with the renowned Pilot Juice Up refill (LP3RF) that writes extra smoothly and offers great water and fade resistance. Combined with the Ruler Upgrade, the refill makes the stilform Arc the perfect companion for creatives, architects and illustrators.

You are provided the Pilot Juice Up refill (LP3RF) in 3 different colors and 3 line widths (0.3mm, 0.4mm & 0.5mm). You can also equip the stilform Arc with any other Pilot-style G2 refill.

Detachable clip – Equip the Arc with the exclusively designed metal clip by simply sliding it on. The clip has a 1mm robust arm but a soft heart – it is added with a textile layer to protect metal exterior of the pen body.

The Durability Test

Durability tested by dropping the Arc 85 times! Watch the video above. Spoiler: The magnetic mechanism still works perfectly afterwards.

Watch Review from Superbacker Tim Chuon @brollandboardgames:

Look Book

The Arc comes with a Ruler Version, the Titanium Arc sports a natural matte PVD and when encased in a new pouch made from genuine leather, it stays protected. The colors include Rose Moon, Comet Grey, Night Sky and Warp Black.

Click Here to Buy Now: $55 $78 (29% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left! Raised over $280,000.