The Odyssey Watch’s vanishing chronograph dials showcase the passage of time in a space-inspired theme

Whether it’s via the air, land, or sea, fantastic voyages have long inspired timepiece design and the modern Odyssey watch is no exception. The masculine design looks to our eventual space travel as inspiration for its subtly futuristic yet sophisticated aesthetic.

It’s an elegant, modern take on a classic precision timepiece – the chronograph. Its distinguished sub-dials have marked plates in place of traditional hands, creating the illusion of time passing as numbers slowly vanish out of sight. Dotted markers orbit at varying speeds, drawing the eye to a graceful movement while indicated the time elapsed.

Designers: Sahil Ravjit & Andra Wibisono


The chronograph dials have a transparent gradient that reveals only the time being tracked. It also creates an illusion of time passing, as the numbers slowly fade out of sight. The dotted markers orbit at varying speeds, indicating seconds, minutes and hours, with elegant movement.

For the logo they wanted to use something universal and simple. They chose earth – a circle with a 23.5˚ line passing through it, representing it’s tilted axis.