The V-Coptr Falcon Drone runs on two silent propellers instead of four noisy ones

I’d argue the V-Coptr is a great way to kick off the new decade, as it really showcases an evolutionary take on drone design. Developed by Zero Zero Robotics, the V-Coptr Falcon really ushers in a new design direction for drones, because unlike most drones with anywhere from 4-8 propellers, the V-Coptr Falcon only has two of them. They fold into the body when packed, and outward into a V-shape when ready to use. The propellers come with the ability to change direction, tilting in a way that’s reminiscent of the Boeing V-22 Osprey. With its innovative dual-rotor format, the bi-copter proves to be just as maneuverable as its four-rotor cousins, and even more silent, thanks to its proprietary stealth-mode propellers. The V-Coptr Falcon also comes with an SNPE neural network engine that helps it sense environments in real-time, allowing it to actively recognize and avoid objects and collisions mid-flight. Mounted on the V-Coptr Falcon’s front is a 3-axis mechanical gimbal that holds the drone’s 12-megapixel CMOS-sensor enabled camera that can shoot in 4K, while its industry-leading 50-minute flight time and 7 kilometer HD transmission of recorded footage allows you to fly higher, further, and for longer!

Designer: Zero Zero Robotics