The Carbogatto H7 is a beautiful e-bike that’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before

Carbogatto’s design efforts go absolutely unrewarded with the H7, a unique looking L1e class motorbike with a frame that explores a new form factor that gives the bike its iconic silhouette. If you were to look at the H7, most of your time would go in admiring the way it was built, its absolutely unusual shock-absorption system, and the drop-dead gorgeous carbon fiber monocoque.

At the heart of the H7’s design is its carbon-fiber monocoque, which was built to portray a unique elegance while also forming an incredibly reliable and robust framework for the bike. The monocoque provides a lightweight design that can withstand loads of up to 650 kilograms, while lending to the bike a smooth aesthetic that’s devoid of any glue, screw, or welding marks. The frame weighs a mere 4.1 kilograms.

The lightning-bolt shaped frame comes with two very unique suspension systems. The girder-type front suspension is inspired by cruiser bikes, while the rear suspension is designed using the mechanism of progression. Together, both the suspensions offer unparalleled comfort on different types of road conditions, while looking absolutely divine in the way they physically move to offer a stable ride. Scroll down for the GIF images and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

When push comes to shove, the Carbogatto H7 is a pretty neat e-bike, with an acceleration of 0-45km/h in 6.2 seconds and a top speed of 25km/h thanks to a direct-drive motor located on the rear wheel with a constant power of 3kW which can even go to 12kW depending on the riding mode you select. The e-bike comes with a detachable 1150Wh battery (featuring an LED indicator and a carbon-fiber outer layer) that’s accessible by lifting up the cantilever saddle. To top it off, the Carbogatto H7 comes with a lifetime warranty because who wouldn’t want to ride this absolute piece of beauty for the rest of their life?!

Designers: Artem Smirnov, Vladimir Pachenko, Alexey Shelukho & Team Carbogatto