NICE is the new SMART

There is a fun and efficient NewCar hitting the British city streets very soon. It’s called “MyCar” and it can be YourCar for a mere $18,000 USD. Nice… that’s the name of the car company putting out this hip little all-electric city run about. Designed by legendary designers Giugiaro of Italdesign and made in Hong Kong. With an estimated 40 mile range (that’s 64 kilometers to everyone else) the MyCar by NICE will sport standard equipment that includes electric windows and mirrors, Radio/MP3 player, 14” Alloy wheels, remote central locking, Hi/lo and boost button and LCD multifunction display. It also has storage space under the hood, trunk and in the glove compartment. Options include a glass roof or removable fiberglass version, 15” Alloy wheels, leather interior, cooled and heated seats and a trunk rack. Buyers can opt for the work ‘n’ play and drive ‘n’ play options. The first incorporates a forward-folding passenger seat complete with laptop dock, the latter includes bluetooth, sat-nav and upgraded audio. Looks like SMART could take a lesson on being NICE.

[ Via: Carscoop ]


  • Luis Larrea says:

    You had me excited, I thought for a moment that this was going to come state side as the follow up to the SMART car. Either way, I’d be surprised if this thing performed well. The SMART car drives like a joke. I took it for a test drive for about 10 minutes and didn’t feel compelled to drive it another minute longer. Although, the size of these new-age cars are attractive, their performance isn’t.

  • Miguel says:

    GREAT concept car, love the design would love to own one!

  • Marc says:

    I like this car

  • Martan says:

    Nice, but on so much toyed with layout…
    Personally, I love the one-volume concepts, does Fiat 600 Multipla hit the bell? 🙂
    This must be nice start-up for some smart designers…

  • walter says:

    nice. my butt is gay. how r u.?

  • toprocker says:

    i think,safety should be the first location

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