The Ösa e-bike is beautifully minimalist, utilitarian, and also completely modular!

You seldom hear the terms modular and motorcycle used in the same sentence, but here’s a first of sorts. Built by the Swedish company CAKE, the Ösa focuses on being utilitarian, with a modular design that allows you to add, subtract, and shift parts to suit your commute needs. The Ösa’s defining element has to be its eye-catching extruded 6061 aluminum frame, coated in that beautiful cool gray. The extruded frame serves an aesthetic purpose no doubt, giving the Ösa a memorable silhouette, but it also forms a part of the bike’s modular nature.

Is it me or do the Swedes really love DIY? Almost as if this bike came out of an IKEA showroom, the Ösa’s modular nature begins with its power unit. Customers can choose between a 1.5kWh and a 2.6kWh unit, the latter of which gives you a 63-mile range with a top speed of 60mph and can be recharged in just 3 hours using a standard power outlet. The bike’s frame is almost entirely modular too, allowing you to add and remove storage components, from a front to a rear basket (you can even slide/shift the seat up or down depending on your comfort levels or space requirements). You’ve even got the option to add a side frame to carry lumber or perhaps a surfboard, or swap it out for a child-seat that lets you carry your toddler while commuting. If you’re likely to be traveling with a pillion rider, there’s even the option to slide in a secondary seat right behind the driver’s saddle, letting you carry two people. The Ösa has over 1000 permutations and combinations, say the designers, based on what you need to carry around with you. Heck, you can even detach and reposition the headlight if you want! The infinitely customizable e-bike allows you to be yourself, shifting between activities, personas, and even occupations. From your camping needs to going surfing, from carrying groceries from the supermarket to carrying your toddler around, or even carrying back an entire sofa-set from IKEA, the Ösa has you covered… and if you’re worried about taking this e-bike off the road, fear not because the Ösa is armed with 14-inch wheels that were designed and built by CAKE especially for off-terrain activities, and that 2.6kWh power unit gives the e-bike a pretty impressive 111ft-lbs of torque, allowing you to transport yourself and your belongings practically anywhere!

Designer: CAKE