Spacious and playful Loft Designs you’d love to move in to!

Loft’s are often associated with bachelor life, a leftover space that no one knew how to use and then got appointed to the person who would not have issues about living there. But personally speaking, I love lofts! I find it very exciting to live under a roof, where you are in tune with the environment on the outside, where you are the first to hear the sound of raindrops falling on the surface while you sit safely underneath it. The designs curated here have converted the humble loft into a work of whimsy and art, utilizing each nook and corner in imaginative ways to make the most of these living spaces.

Austin Maynard Architects have designed ‘king bill’ — a playful renovation and extension of a double-story terrace house and neighboring garden. the original house is among the oldest in the Australian suburb, built around 1850. after its 2018 update, it’s now also one of the most inventive.

The visualization studio VER depicted a board-marked concrete house with factory-like glazing, which Mexican architecture studio Lázaro is planning to build in the city of Uruapan.

Black corrugated metal encases inspired interiors of Tokyo house by TakaTina. The residence is named Black Box after its corrugated metal cladding, a material more commonly associated with industrial building.

Photonic Studio created this render of a Living Module where the cozy house wraps itself around you.

This private residence by architecture firm 07BEACH incorporates a double-height living room with an indoor tree growing at its center. Built for a family of five, the house is designed as one big space so that the parents can keep an eye on their three little children as they constantly move around.

Toronto-based StudioAC has remodeled the interior of a local apartment for a young client, balancing a bright and open living space with a cozy bedroom tucked away inside a millwork box.

A brown cashmere coat, a pair of sand-colored shoes and a piazza in Rome influenced this 1930’s loft renovation. “When it was our turn to renew the apartment our first step was to simplify everything we felt was too much, in terms of dimensions and materials,” said Note Design Studio.

A folded steel staircase runs alongside an exposed brick wall to connect the two levels of this east London loft, named the Lansdowne Drive, by architecture studio Bell Phillips.

This design uses the existing building’s material palette which consists of concrete floors, zinc pan-decking ceiling with blackened steel beams and railing by the Seattle based firm SHED.

The Olympia Eld Inlet Cabin by Charles Johnson.

Loft 69 by is a realistic render of a unique loft by Peter Ang.