This collapsable cabin-like shed can be pulled open and compressed like an accordion

One issue that our modern-day apartments continue to face is the issue of space constraints. The fight for space is a big one, and most of the apartments and homes on the market today are tiny, cramped, and not too comfortable. Maximizing your space is something that most people who live in major cities need to do. And one such smart solution to maximize space is the Iwi Cabin by Ecuador-based architects Juan Ruiz and Amelia Tap.

Designer: Juan Ruiz and Amelia Tap

Designed to be an accordion-shaped shed, the Iwi Cabin is an innovative space-maximizing design that can be compressed and expanded. It provides city dwellers with a nifty solution to expand space in urban apartments and living spaces. When the Iwi Cabin is fully expanded, it unfolds and occupies almost 91 square feet, and when it is folded and compressed, it occupies only 26 square feet. The Iwi Cabin is super easy to operate since owners can push and pull the shed, owing to the wheel system that allows it to be swiftly and efficiently handled and stored away.

The flexible cabin can be used for a variety of purposes – it can function as a recreational area, yoga studio, office, and even a cozy spot for a little nap or break. The shed could be ideally placed on a rooftop, which is also seen in its promotional images. It has been placed on a rooftop in Quito, Ecuador. The designers state that the shed was built to withstand mild temperatures, which range between 50°F and 77°F. The exterior of the cabin is resistant to wind, rain, and sunshine. The interiors have been outfitted with cork and sheep’s wool to keep the residents warm during cold weather.

The shed also features built-in shelving, drawers, and a compact kitchenette. It has also been equipped with an electrical and water system, allowing it to be utilized as a makeshift guesthouse. Once the Iwi Cabin has collapsed, it can simply be used as a handy and convenient storage space. Priced at US$7,950, the Iwi Cabin does have a pretty hefty price tag, however, there isn’t much information on shipping available online.