These switches use OCD to save electricity!


Cleverly using a human condition to correct behavior patterns, the OCD Switch creates a slight visual imbalance, enough to trigger your senses, and gets you to switch your lights, fans, and other electronic items off. Turning the switchboard into a background, and the switch itself into the foreground element, the OCD Switches by Pakaporn Teadtulkitikul make good use of 3D shapes and color blocks to create a balanced pattern that becomes imbalanced when you switch on your appliances.

In the ‘off’ position, the switches look just fine. However, after being switched on, the visual imbalance bothers us humans, since we have a tendency to favor symmetry and order… forcing them to turn the switch off the instant they’re done, just so that the mind can rest assured knowing that the order has been restored. The OCD Switches, although experimental, shine light on how we can use human psychology to encourage a particular type of human behavior (like putting a basketball hoop over a waste-paper bin)… and also in this case, save energy!

The OCD Switch is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2017.

Designer: Pakaporn Teadtulkitikul