The iPhone 11 Pro – An old, familiar design, with a new secret sauce

Apple’s product lineup under Jobs was radically different from its lineup under Cook. Cook’s vision for Apple and the iPhone is to take the existing and make it better. Take the earpods and turn them into wireless Airpods, take the iPad and turn it into an iPad Pro, and now with the iPhone, take the world’s most popular smartphone, and turn it into a serious instrument for content creation.

The iPhone 11 Pro is, just like every iPhone, the best damn iPhone ever made, but without Jony Ive, the keynote seemed to evoke a lot of déjà vu. Nothing much has changed as far as the design goes, for starters. There’s a third lens, an A13 bionic chip, and a new color, Midnight Green. Other than that, the iPhone 11 isn’t a dramatic visual upgrade, like the iPhone X was, or the iPhone 6 was. Apple’s innovation, for the most part, has been fueled by cutting-edge hardware and software developments. The new phone has a Super Retina XDR display with industry-leading brightness, vividness, and contrast ratios, while at the same time consuming lesser power. Three lenses give the iPhone 11 Pro superior camera props, allowing you to shoot telephoto, wide, and ultra-wide from the same vantage point, with incredible detail, and also the presence of a low-light night-mode. The cameras on the front are a dramatic improvement too, with a wide lens giving you wide-angle selfies, and a portrait feature on both sides allowing you to calibrate the depth-of-field. The iPhone 11 Pro shines in the video department, with stunning 4K video recording, and tools that allow you to edit video in powerful new ways. The iPhone 11 Pro, as its name suggests, is the consumer-favorite iPhone, but tweaked to suit the demands of a professional. Oh, did I mention, it comes with a free 1 year subscription to Apple TV+ too? That’s just Tim’s way of reminding us that Apple isn’t an industrial-design-driven company anymore, it’s a service-design-driven company now.

Designer: Apple