A more social way to cook with this double sided cooking station

Cooking has become less of a task and more of a chore; whilst it was once a daily gathering, it has evolved into anything but sociable. We stand over a hot stove with our face to the wall and our backs to our friends and family, but does this have to be the case? COCOOK challenges this behavior by encouraging people to communicate once more, and it has achieved this by bringing campsite cooking, into the home!

The double-sided cooking station allows two users to use the same stove simultaneously, whilst also ensuring they can carry a healthy conversation with each other! But it goes without saying, simply bringing the camping stove inside, utilitarian aesthetic and all, wouldn’t be appropriate for the domestic environment. So, instead, COCOOK carries a beautifully clean design that has been designed to complement the existing products found within the home!

Designer: Junku Jung