Baby’s safe day out

The Strollever may look like a baby stroller from Tron or Oblivion, but it’s just a humble little tot carriage designed to keep your earthling safe and sound.

The highlight of the Strollever is its gyroscope suspension system. No matter what terrain you travel on, your baby always remains safe and upright. Coupled with features like UV resistant glass, headlamps, storage, and hub-less wheels, this pram is like a Bentley for your little one!

Designer: Kim Hyeonseok








  • Jaro says:

    This is such a bad idea and design. Products should be simplified and make things easier. But this is such a heavyweight big thing with needless features!

  • Damian says:

    It’s a cool design. But, how to I move it from place to place without owning a van or a truck? Does it some how collapse down for easy lifting, or do I have to hitch it to the back of my truck and tow it?

  • Parent says:

    To other commenters, this is a design study, if you have criticisms, keep them constructive!

    As a parent of two and a mechanical design engineer, I appreciate your totally fresh take on such a ubiquitous product. A few questions:
    1. Will the rear wheel be clear of the parent’s/pusher’s feet? They look to be vying for the same space.
    2. Have you considered that many babies want to sit up and look around after six months or so? It looks like the product is exclusively designed for a reclined, rear-facing position.
    3. What is the purpose of the arch over the child?
    4. Can you set a ‘parking brake’? This is a critical safety feature on a stroller.
    5. Is there a way to protect the child from direct sunlight? If your kid is asleep, you do not want them woken up by sun face!

  • May Li says:

    The design itself looks cool, but the function for baby sitting might not be so proper.
    I think this design could be better after the prototype is made and tested.

  • chandra keerthi says:

    Its a very good product to taken up for redesign, but i have a few comments like a) Parent cannot see what is in the front. b) baby postures unclear while traveling and wheels sizes…

  • Susan Watson says:

    wohhhh… This is so beautiful. A lovely gift for a beautiful baby… I’m a grandmother of a beautiful little girl. Thank you for sharing…

  • John says:

    Main issue is the wheels wouldn’t work at all.

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