When safety and style meet!

Kitesurfing takes aspects of wakeboarding, windsurfing, paragliding, surfing, etc. and fuses them together to create one incredible extreme sport. So, it’s only appropriate for the participant to have an equally exciting helmet, right?!

Jakob Tiefenbacher also thought this, and thus the EVO Kitesurfing Helmet was born! Made up of two layers, the form is distinctive and unique. The bottom layer provides stability as well as allowing airflow and ventilation, while also being the part that secures it to the user. The top layer is designed to break surface tension, while simultaneously adding another layer of protection.

Designed to be replaceable, the top layer features an oversized pull-tab which releases it for quick, simple removal. The brightly colored, orange touchpoints stand out from the translucent pale, blue finish of the top layer, enhancing both the ease of use and extreme aesthetic.

Designer: Jakob Tiefenbacher