Libraries designed to transport you to the book-lovers dimension!

I confess I am a complete bibliophile, which can be defined as a lover (phile) of books (biblio). My love of books transcends my love of food, sleep or anything else, much to my parent’s consternation while I was growing up. And this post is literally from my bucket list! Is there ever anything better than to lose yourself in the magic of words? Books take you beyond who you are and supplement them with the power of your imagination, they are unstoppable. Being a great example of architecture and interior design, these libraries perfectly encapsulate the stories brimming within their books. So go ahead, immerse yourself in these wonderful places that will appeal to all your design styles, may it be minimal or royal and plush!

The VAC Library is a wonderful construction that includes a large wooden climbing frame and uses solar-powered aquaponics to keep vegetables, koi carp, and chickens. Designed by Farming Architects, the library/ city farm hybrid is a way to teach children more about self-sustaining ecosystems in a fun environment.

Mounted on a bicycle, and shaped out of sheet metal, the Shared Lady Beetle Library resembles a large ladybug, something almost out of a fairytale. Open any of its wings and inside it are bookshelves filled with books.

Dutch firm MVRDV has built a public library that looks like a huge eye, as part of a new cultural district in Tianjin, China.

FIS Arhitekti worked in collaboration with fellow architects C+C and C28, to create the Living Units – modular rooms that can be combined vertically or horizontally to create larger structures and here they have been used to create pop-up library overlooking Ljubljana.

The LocHal library, located in Tilburg’s station district, is actually named after the locomotive shed in which it is housed. Designed by Civic Architects, the building retains its original industrial steel era vibes and includes giant textile movable screens that can be adjusted to meet the user’s privacy needs.

Herzog & de Meuron has released images of its curving, stone-clad National Library of Israel, which is now under construction and scheduled to complete in 2020.

The Apple design team collaborated with Foster+Partners to redesign this neo-classic library in Washington DC, converting the classic interior into a modern retail space, while also retaining the original building’s grandeur.

Using modern and unique decor pieces such as woven hemp chairs were added by Emma Olbers during the renovation of Stockholm’s stunning National Museum.