A Pack O’ Heat-Em-Ups

And just when you thought you were going to have to use that pesky park-grill again. Or start up a fire that’d burn down the forest. No way! Here’s what you’re gonna do: whip out one of these! “Stoov!” It’s basically what amounts to a magnet you program, stick to your pot, and let heat up. Sounds reasonable enough?

Goodness gracious me, magnet cookers with touch screen controls, what that Mathieu Baele won’t come up with next. This Stoov project is made for cooking where cooking would otherwise be a hassle. Bring your pot, bring your charged-up Stoov, and you’re ready to get cookin!

Internal battery, robust shape for travel, electromagnets, touch-screen activation. Charge up to 6 Stoovs at a time with the adapter. When power is sent through the Stoov, it sticks to the pot. When the power is shut off, the Stoov releases itself politely.

Definitely not for turning on and sticking on to unsuspecting cars.

Definitely not!

Designer: Mathieu Baele