Fan for Summers, Air Purifier for Rest of the Year!


Fans often carry a bulky, and rather awkwardly shaped, a form that makes them a real nuisance when it comes to the storage of them. This is emphasized by their sparse use. With them only being required as a relief in uncomfortably hot weather, they are left to sit dormant for the remainder of the year. So, it only makes sense for a fan to have added functionality, right?

That’s exactly what the Air Fan was designed to have! When it’s not providing a gentle breeze on a hot day, it’s functionality can be switched-up so it becomes an air purifier… and with little more than a few changes! Air filters locate into a dedicated slot behind the rotating blades of the fan, which push air through the filter. To increase the efficiency of the air purification process, the head of the fan can be rotated 90° to face the ceiling. This also acts as a visual indicator of its new function!

Designer: Yeongkyu Jung