Expandable camper makes more room when you fit it into the home plan

What started as a thesis project, the 2030 Sustainable living in the countryside camper by Jude Fan, has the full potential to become a real thing. Basically what the designer has done is that he has played around with the interiors of the vehicle, to give us modular workspace, recreation space and viewing space. However, there are two panels on the side, that extend and thus expand the floor plan of the vehicle.

So picture this, you have this camper and use it for your next outing, but when you drive back home, you park it parallel to the structure, open up the two side panels. One of them extends to become a porch of sorts and the panel to the house extend and fits in the assigned space, and becomes a part of the home structure. The video below explains this really well.

The interiors of the vehicle are well planned, to make it the perfect mode of transport and hibernation pod.

Designer: Jude Fan

“My thesis project is about living in the countryside in 2030. The first and second industrial revolutions brought people to the city. Nowadays, living in a big city might be stressful due to bad air quality, high living cost and traffic jam. With the help of the third technology revolution, I believe there might be a chance for us to live a modern, connected life in the countryside again,” Fan told Yanko Design.