Its Either ME OR The Remote

Hey YDers, this NVISIBLE TOUCH – IT Universal Remote Control concept is a very tricky proposition. If something like this were to hit the stands, then either we women would lose our “who owns the remote control” battle to our men OR we could use it effectively to get chores done. Go on woman; hide it till he doesn’t do the dishes!
Invisible, shiny, emotional, intuitive, personalized settings, interactive, touch sensitive, ah…the list goes on…we’re sure to lose this battle!

Here are some of the specs:
– The IT features a glass body that turns shiny when it comes alive.
– The geometrical designs reflect Loewe styling.
– Intuitive and customizable, you can set your preferences and when the remote comes into your hands, it goes to your settings automatically.
– It features a hollow area which defines the touch pad on the upper surface.
– The main menu consists of basic actions like watch, listen, play etc.
– The back of the IT hosts a blood pressure machine that can be used to measure how hyper you get while watching the Big Game!
– Essentially it relays your blood pressure, heart rate and blood oxygen levels.
– Lastly, IT responds to your moods as well. If you’re watching a game and excited about it, the volume soars! In the middle of a romantic movie…the lights dim auto!
With supposed features like this…does any Woman stand a chance? No Ways!

Designer: Zeynep Altmisoglu