The Pivot Stand turns your iPad into an iMac!

As the iPad and iOS become increasingly become powerful enough to be your standalone devices, it helps to have some accessories to transform them into products you can relate to, like Brydge’s innovative iPad Keyboard. The Pivot stand does something similar for your iPad, propping it up in a manner that looks all too familiar.

Turning your iPad Air into an iMac, the Pivot Stand is fashioned to look just like the support stand found behind the iMac! Mount your iPad by your side and use it as secondary screen, a media control centre, or a productive sidekick. The Pivot stand securely holds your tablet in place, propping it up at an easy-to-view angle… but wait, there’s more! The stand allows you to flip your iPad into portrait mode too, making it great for browsing the web, testing apps, or running a facetime chat; and when you need to move around, the iPad clips off the stand in a jiffy, making it your portable personal machine yet again!

Designer: Studio Proper