Thought that was a MacBook? Look again, it’s a hybrid iPad Pro!

If you’ve read our long-form piece on the 2018 iPad Pro, you’ll get a pretty good idea of exactly how powerful it is. With an 8-core GPU that’s designed to perform as well as the latest XBox, a 7-core CPU that’s capable of intense heavy-lifting, FaceID, battery that lasts all day, a touchscreen with a stylus, and even a Type-C USB port that lets you hook the iPad to practically anything, the iPad Pro is just as good as a MacBook Pro, if not better. In fact, probably the only visible difference between the two is the difference in OS… and the fact that the MacBook Pro packs a keyboard. Or rather, ‘packed’ a keyboard.

Designed to turn your tablet into a reliable, powerful, laptop-esque device, Brydge’s keyboard for the iPad Pro fixes onto the device at the corners, and swivels open and closed just like a laptop’s hinge would, with the ability to adjust at any angle. Dock the 2018 iPad Pro in, and its bezel-less design practically makes it behave a laptop, along with Brydge’s keyboard.

The people at Brydge have done some exceptional work creating a keyboard that truly looks and feels like a laptop, rather than a flimsy tablet-accessory. The keyboard body comes milled from aerospace-grade aluminum and even comes in silver and space gray that match Apple’s hues. It features a beautifully functional (and complete) backlit keyboard with three levels of backlight intensity, and also packs a great deal of key-travel that is sure to feel MUCH better than the MacBook’s horrible butterfly keys. The keyboard even replicates the MacBook’s aesthetic with the signature cutout at the lip… and perhaps the best feature of all, it comes with an entire year’s battery life. Sadly, there’s no trackpad on this one, but you’ve literally got a touchscreen display, so that definitely shouldn’t be a problem.

Designed to transform the iPad into a true hybrid, the Brydge sees the iPad Pro for what it is… a tablet that is capable of being an incredibly useful laptop, but is just one step short. Brydge’s keyboards help complete that step, giving you the ability to own a tablet that is perfectly capable of being your work machine… and is also a couple of hundred dollars cheaper than Apple’s laptops! Plus, with Brydge’s lifetime warranty, what more could one possibly need?!

Designer: Brydge

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