These brilliant “hangers-for-shoes” let you travel with your gym shoes or football cleats

If you’re the kind of person to cringe at the thought of carrying your shoes INSIDE your gym bag or your backpack, if you feel uncomfortable mixing your footwear with your clothes or have them touching your tiffin box, the Zpurs were practically designed to give you peace of mind. These one-of-a-kind shoe hangers allow you to hang your shoes OUTSIDE your bag rather than store them inside. They come with a clip-to-lock mechanism that securely holds your sneakers, gym shoes, or even your football cleats securely. The Zpurs (pronounced Spurs, but with some zing) keep your footwear separate from the rest of your belongings. This helps free a good deal of space up inside your backpack, but more importantly, it helps air your footwear out, preventing it from smelling or gathering germs. It also gives you a little peace of mind if you’re the kind that’s bothered by storing footwear inside bags (like I am).

The Zpurs hold your shoes just the same way you would with your fingers. It grips onto both shoes by their sides, much like you would with your thumb and index finger. The Zpurs seal the deal with a solid click, making sure your shoes never accidentally fall out of the hanger, inadvertently organizing your shoes for you too (so you’re never missing a sneaker). With interchangeable gripping pads, you can choose the best one for your shoes based on their material and fabric thickness. The Zpurs pack a carabiner clip at the other end of the grippers to easily hang your shoes either on your backpack, or in your wardrobe. Together, the carabiner and the shoe-grippers help keep both your shoes securely in place no matter where you are. Perfect for traveling, the Zpurs let you hang your shoes by the side of your bag, keeping them with your belongings but still separate from them. Designed to work universally with all sorts of shoes, the Zpurs secure your shoes while also keeping them ventilated at all times so they’re never sweaty or wet after a workout… and separated from the rest of your belongings so you never get mud or dirt from your shoes onto the inside of your bag, or worse, your clothes.

Designer: Alistair Taverner

Click Here to Buy Now: $16.

Zpurs – The Hanger for Keeping your Shoes Organized

Zpurs is a unique and simple way of transporting your shoes, boots (even your high heels if you want!), to wherever you need to be.

Alistair has developed a super-simple clipping mechanism for just about every type of shoe -put that together with a quality carabiner and you can take your shoes and stash them anywhere you want.

Use them at home, work, travel – wherever you go they can go too!


– Shoes will always be together! No lost shoe!
– Allows the shoes to breathe between use.
– Increases the life span of those expensive, beloved shoes.
– Helps stop bacteria growth.
– Stops your gym bag from getting dirty and smelly.
– Creates space in your bag.

What is the best size Zpur for your shoes?

The main body of Zpurs is the same across the board, so all you need to decide on is what insert size you need to use. Every set of Zpurs comes with all 3 size inserts.

Swap the inserts to be sure of the correct fit for the shoe.

1 Zpur = 1 Pair of Shoes

Colors: Fuchsia, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, White.

Who is making this?

They are a small team based in the South West of the UK. They have always had a love of the outdoors and you will often find us cycling, running or swimming in the amazing outdoors we have here. Their primary love is cycling and that led us to create NeatCleats – a cool shoe clipping system specifically designed for the cleats that cyclists wear.

Click Here to Buy Now: $16.