Keep the experience of baking at home, alive!

Shop-bought cakes and pastries just can’t compete with the unrivaled authenticity of their homemade alternatives. It’s not just their taste that has led to this result, but also the experience of the baking process that has been shared throughout generations. The Elf’s Hat aims to enhance this experience further by introducing an element of fun to the process!

The Elf’s Hat’s hands-on and engrossing experience starts with the more size-appropriate utensils that each carry a playful and friendly aesthetic that’s aimed directly at children! The need for scales has been replaced by pre-set grooves that indicate the correct measurement, leading to more involved baking experience. In addition to this, the assortment of cookie-cutters forms a challenging puzzle that keeps the little-ones engaged, even towards the end of the baking session!

As it’s the parents that are buying the set, it needs to appeal to them and I don’t doubt that the mess-restricting design features may allow it to do just that; the protruding brim on the utensils catches any run-away mixture from dripping onto the work surface, whilst the sieve satisfyingly slots into the corresponding mixing bowl, so that the kitchen doesn’t become covered in a dusting of powder!

Designer: Pei-Ju Wu

“In order to understand how children operate and think patterns, I prepared some handles with different shapes and sizes for them to try, and observed if they could operate intuitively. I also placed the matching containers together and observe them how to hold, how to use, and whether them understand the styling hints,” Wu told Yanko Design.

“There is a corresponding arc between the screen and the container. When sifting, the two can be combined and completely sealed, so that children won’t spill the powder easily.”

“The protruding part of the brim can catch the flowing food, so that the tools will not be wet when the tools are temporarily placed on the rack.”

“According to the shape of the hat, the seven cookie molds themselves are also a set of puzzles.”