The Layover Travel Blanket is the most innovative travel product since the neck-pillow

There’s truth in the statement that airport/airplane naps are some of the most uncomfortable naps ever. Whether it’s the position you’re trying to sleep in, the lack of a proper neck support, or the absence of a comforter/blanket, sleeping while traveling is just annoyingly difficult… but the guys at Gravel have a way of making transit-napping (a technical term I coined) much more comfortable.

Designed with the soul of a sleeping bag, the Layover is a blanket explicitly built for traveling with. Its construction beats those flimsy, tiny, smelly blankets they hand out on flights, and gives you a full-body comforter that wraps you in its cocoon-esque design. Crafted with a breathable nylon exterior and an insulated interior, the Layover is cozy and can keep you warm in those often-chilly flights. Unlike traditional flat, rectangular blankets, Layover’s design comes with pockets and pouches for your hands, legs, and even a few key belongings (like your passport or boarding pass), giving you an experience comparable to being a baby kangaroo in its pouch. The Layover fits your body like a glove, keeping you absolutely snug and ensuring that the blanket doesn’t come off when you move or turn in your sleep. Pair it with a good eye mask and neck pillow and you’ve got yourself the holy trinity of effective transit-napping.

The Layover blanket, with its full-body design, still manages to pack down into a compact form that’s roughly the size of your face. It stores pretty easily in suitcases, or can even be strung to a backpack. When packed, the Layover makes a neat makeshift travel pillow, but its true magic is only when you open it into its versatile form, that can serve as anything from an outdoor mat to spread on a lawn or a beach, or more importantly, to use as a comfortable, travel-friendly blanket that’s comfortable, cozy, and gives you some serious shut-eye on those red-eye flights.

Designers: Chris Livingston, Lance Williams, Henry Lee & Monika Robinson

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The Layover: Travel Blanket Perfect For Comfortable Travel

Let’s face it, traveling is exhausting. You just can’t predict when you’ll need extra comfort. Long uncomfortable flights, napping on the floor during delays, transfers, road trips… how do you stay comfortable?! This design team set out to take the edge off and make your journey even better with the Layover Travel Blanket.

Gravel Team tells us about the Layover Travel Blanket.

Below: Awesome Features of the Layover

A Travel Blanket with a ton of awesome features to make this blanket perfect to take comfort everywhere you go.

Use The Layover Blanket At The Airport

Sleep Peacefully Inside the Plane With The Layover Blanket

Share The Layover Blanket In The Park

Carry The Layover Travel Blanket With you Everywhere

Here’s The Solution: The Layover will change the way you look at travel blankets forever. Gravel has incorporated a ton of neat features to keep you comfortable on the go.

Why does this blanket make traveling better?

Here’s The Problem: Getting comfortable while traveling or on the go is really tough. You aren’t likely to carry your grandma’s super comfy quilt on a plane unless you want to look like you’re headed for an adult sleepover. Blankets just aren’t packable!

You never know if the plane you are boarding will get drafty, if you will be stuck on a super long layover, or if you’ll end up in a window seat up against the cold wall of a bus. We thought there had to be a much better way.

Below: A Quick Walkthrough



Detachable & Hideaway Stuff Sack

Easy Stuffing with Patent Pending Stuff Sack

Stuffing into stuff sacks is the worst. To solve this, we added 3” of extra material for easy grip & stuffing. You can then use the drawstring to quickly cinch down and convert the material down to its most compact size.


The breathable insulation core keeps you feeling just right. Fun fact: Our insulation is 100% recycled PET plastic (i.e. water bottles) & keeps high performance standards.

Microfleece Kangaroo Pocket

The team has lined the inside of the Kangaroo pocket with microfleece for a soft place for your hands.

Inside of the Kangaroo Pocket

Envelope Pocket

On the outside of the hoodie sleeve is an envelope pocket. It’s the perfect place to secure items like your headphones, passport, & boarding pass, so your stuff doesn’t mysteriously slide under the seat.

Snap Blankets Together & Increase Blanket Width

Want a wider blanket size to share with a friend? Compatible snaps line the edge of the blanket to increase width to as many blankets as you want.

Spill Proof/Water Resistant


Tech Specs:

– Nylon: 20D
– Insulation: 40 gr/sq m made from PET plastic
– Warmth Rating: 60°
– Zipper: YKK
– Weight: 11.4 ounces
– Drawstring: Paracord
– Anti-Static + Waterproof Coating
– Machine Washable
– Washing Instructions: The blanket is machine washable. Tumble dry it on low or hang dry.

The Gravel Team’s Story

Chris met Lance in 2017 with an idea to design a better toiletry bag for traveling.

Holy smokes – They’ve shipped 37,000+ products to 108 countries around the world.

Lifetime Warranty

Gravel is so confident in their product’s build that they have added a lifetime warranty – plain and simple. If the blanket doesn’t hold up for what it was designed for then let them know and they’ll make it right.

Click Here to Buy Now: $129