This minimalistic ruler was inspired by explorers for the explorer within you!

Seeking inspiration in our usual confined office spaces can be quite a task. The monotony and mundaneness of it can affect even the most creative minds. Hence inspired by the explorers of ages galore, and the monoculars used by them to peek at new lands, product designer Lukas Avenas created the ‘Creative Explorer’, in an attempt to liven up your workday. Multifunctional tools are always super fun, and here’s one that’s trying to mix up work with some play. Though it appears to be your everyday ruler, with a 1cm x 1cm extruded aluminum body, the ruler is also an undercover ‘kaleidoscope’. Take a sneak peek through it, and you’ll see that it provides a narrow and focused image of everything around you, while simultaneously reflecting the image multiple times to create intriguing and unexpected patterns! Boasting a clean white matte finish, the surface has been intricately designed with slight engravings, providing a fun texture and contrast to the ruler. Whereas on the inside, the glossy glass-like surface creates a kaleidoscopic effect by reflecting and replicating images consistently, bringing a sense of playfulness while you work.

Creative Explorer is a single long tube of metal, allowing you to seek ideas and inspiration through the kaleidoscope, and turning them into a reality using the handy ruler. Brainstorming doesn’t always have to be boring, it can be filled with trippy patterns and three-dimensional objects with a secret, such as the Creative Explorer!

Designer: Lukas Avenas