The Pocket Chair gives you storage as well as a sense of comfort

Designed in part as a storage pouch and in part as a subconscious container into which you’d put your hands, the Pocket Chair comes with an unusual detail. Built right into the side of the chair is a leather pocket that can be used for either storing tools and equipment in (or perhaps even your phone) at most times, and at other times, can work as a pocket you put your hands into, either out of a subconscious habit (of keeping your hands in your pant pockets when you’re feeling either content or stressed) or even purposely, as a way of feeling cocooned or protected.

The unusual addition to the chair builds on its UX, giving you an element that makes the chair much more interactive as well as useful. The pouch on the chair works just the way the pockets work on pants. You could use them to either hold objects, or to put your hands into, as a subconscious way of feeling more secure, comfortable, and safe.

Designer: Kewey Loke