This DIY hydroponic pot repurposes a glass goblet to grow avocado in your living room

A hydroponic system is far better at growing plants without the use of soil by using a mixture of water and nutrients. Even better it can be used to grow herbs, veggies, and plants with the minimum amount of maintenance. Ideal for modern homes and apartments – hydroponic farming brings the goodness of therapeutic wellness to our busy lives. While more extensive hydroponic systems are being offered for homes, industrial designer Lautaro Lucero has germinated the idea of something simpler. He has conceptualized the Palto Hydroponic Pot that reuses old glass goblets to grow avocado.

Lautaro accidentally broke the bottom half of his glass goblet, and his basic instinct was to make something out of it. The big volume and the beautiful color of the goblet intrigued him to awaken the designer inside him, and hence the Palto Hydroponic Pot was born. The beauty of this concept is its practicability – anyone at home can take the design cues from Lautaro’s blueprint and recycle their broken or old goblet into a hydroponic planter. The creation not only germinates avocado right in your living room but looks so aesthetically pleasing. The mesmerizing caustic effect of the light refracting, as you see the plant germinate.

The open mouth of the glass goblet ensures maximum airflow for proper growth while the bottom half supports the glass in place. The hydroponic pot is so well designed you instantly want to buy one right away. Since this project is still not in the production phase, and just a prototype one-off creation for now – the next best thing is to create one of your own as a nice weekend DIY project.

Designer: Lautaro Lucero of Uido Design Studio