Your pets and you will totally love these product designs!

Pets, we love them so much! These tiny furballs burrow their way into our heart and snuggle into a spot there, becoming our perfect companions. And we want to give them the world! To help you shower your pets with gifts, we bring you a curation of the best products designed for your furball that are designed with extreme care to meet your pets every demand. From innovative beds to gadgets that let you stay in touch while away, we have products that are perfect for your pets while matching your well-designed space.

The ‘Ascend’ desk by Dan Devine has been crafted with multiple ramps and landings for cats to perch up and play.

The Cube Cat Bed by Meyou-Paris 

Modern personalized dog artworks by DogMade 

The Spaceship Gamma Clear Cat Perch by Myzoo Studio 

Modern Cat Perch by MA 

Leaf Pet water dispenser by DesignLibero 

This stylish Covo Cat Lounge by MiaCara Design is made with bent plywood to get that stunning form factor. 

Furbo, an IoT enabled gadget that allows you to feed your dog and communicate with them remotely by Tomofun

Doggy Dream House by Studio Schicketanz 

Milo by Tuft + Paw is a multipurpose jungle gym for cats. Featuring a scratchable slide, rope for clawing and a transparent basin for resting.

Stand Retra, a modern pet feeder by Pettel Design 

Fresh Flip, a self-cleaning litter box by Daniel Pearlman