The first-ever 3D Wooden World Map to chart your travels

Phileas Fogg and his French valet Passepartout – of Around the World in 80 Days fame – could have had an easier way out with this 3D Wooden World Map. The mission with Fogg was to travel the world in 80 days, and of course keeping an account of his travels was a prerequisite. Coming to the present times, if traveling the globe is your thing – then the 3D Wooden World Map 2.0, is just for you. Apart from being a great wall décor, you can actually chart your past and future travels, by marking them on the map.

Designed with 3 layers for different countries, which is further distinguished by different colors for each, this real 3D World Map is defined by its precision cut using high-quality technics on eco-friendly materials. Handmade from birch plywood, it comes with wooden wall compass, airplanes and boats. Easy to install, this may not be the true geographical map of the world, but indicatively, it’s a super cool one to own!

Designer: Igor Fostenko

Click Here to Buy Now: $119 $199 ($80 off).

World’s First 3D Wooden World Map

It has 3 layers for different countries with different colors for each, real 3D design of World Map with highly detailed precision cut using high-quality technics as well as eco-friendly materials.

Exclusive features are that you can mark all the countries that you’ve visited or any future travels that you might have! Map already has holes so you can put a pin in it and you won’t ruin your beautiful map.

Comes in M, L and LX.

Click Here to Buy Now: $119 $199 ($80 off).