There’s a good boy!

As much as you love your pet dog, it loves you volumes more, and dogs can literally have nervous breakdowns or depression-swings when not around their owner… which happens every weekday from 9 to 5. That’s when their separation anxiety kicks in and they start gnawing at your furniture or ripping your clothing apart.

Furbo bridges the gap between working-owner and at-home-dog by giving you full visual access of what your dog is up to. The gadget comes with a camera (with night vision) that the owner can access via the Furbo app. What’s more, when you see your dog looking distressed, a simple swipe on the mobile’s screen gets the Furbo to launch a treat at the pooch, momentarily calming it down. You can even converse with your dog via the Furbo’s speaker, getting it to miss you a little less, and probably stop destroying your favorite pair of slippers! Furbo’s comms system goes two ways, allowing your dog to alert you by barking. The barking sensor in Furbo picks up on your dog’s barks and sends you an immediate push notification when your pup gets restless. In the event of that happening, just talk to your little good-boy/good-girl and maybe launch a little doggy-treat at it!

Furbo’s design resembles a cookie-jar, but with a lot of elaborate IoT-ready tech inside it. The Furbo holds up to 30 treats at a time and can work with any brand of doggy-treat your little furry friend likes. In fact, it works well with cats too, allowing you to launch cat-snacks at your feline friend. The Furbo connects to your phone via the Wi-Fi you have at home, and you can have up to two devices connected to it at the same time, allowing both mom and dad to stay in touch with their little pet.

Designer: Tomofun