This rolling mortar is here to redefine the traditional mortar and pestle!

If you’ve ever used a traditional mortar and pestle duo, you know how cumbersome and tiring the entire experience can be. Spices flying around as you attempt to grind them, with a super sore wrist left behind as the sole eye witness to the entire incident. Hence Taiwan-and-Hong Kong-based kitchenware brand, JIA Inc. designed The Prep, Rolling Mortar.

Inspired by the Chinese ceramic tea mortars from the Tang Dynasty, this pestle and mortar combo is a gentle mix of the old and the new, a modern take on tools that have been around for, well, centuries! The mortar comes in the form of an elegant, U-shaped porcelain bowl, whereas the pestle is a solid wooden oak wheel. Instead of punching and grinding the spices or tea herbs, you simply place them in the oblong bowl and roll over them with the wheel. The wheel possesses an extremely ergonomic form, making it easy to grip, and allowing you to grind your herbs via an effortless rolling motion. The Prep was designed to ensure that none of the spices fly out of the mortar, while you grind them.

JIA Inc.’s The Prep, Rolling Mortar, transforms cooking into a completely different experience, letting you truly interact with your ingredients, and treat them with the respect they deserve. Not to mention its minimal and sculpted looks make it quite pleasing to the eye as well.

Designer: Spencer Hung of JIA Inc.

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