A wallet that’s perfectly shaped for your pocket


The Front Pocket Wallet by Rogue Industries comes in a shape that’s all too familiar. Designed to fit perfectly into your front pocket, the wallet models itself on the shape of the front pocket, to make storage easier. Crafted in a bifold style, the Front Pocket Wallet works like any traditional wallet would. It stores full banknotes, has space for 6 payment/membership cards and one identity card, has a stash pocket for bills and receipts, and even features all-round RFID-blocking.

Crafted from fine, antique moose leather, the wallet has a distinct appearance. The moose leather lends a classic quality to it, that contrasts well with its unusual style. The unusual style isn’t a gimmick either. Its pocket-shaped design makes storing it easier, so that the edges of the wallet don’t poke you in the thigh as you sit or walk. It’s also safer than most traditional bifolds simply because it encourages you to stash your cash in your front pocket, which is less likely to be pickpocketed than your back pocket!

Designer: Rogue Industries

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