Why Do Watches Still Have 12 Hours?


Have you ever wondered why your wristwatch is broken into 12 hour formats? I have. It goes all the way back to the time of the sundial. It didn’t make sense creating a 24 hour sundial, because the sundial was useless at night (no sun, no reading). The day was split into two halves. A half with sun, and a half with darkness and the sundial was designed to be used only during one half. The twelfth hour marked the time of the day when the sun was directly above us. This practice of reading time carried its way into mechanical watches too, and people just decided it was easier to stick to the 12 hour reading rather than shift to the 24 hour, even though the latter made more sense.

Now that we’re capable of reading the time in any format (our phones work with the 24 hour format too), it doesn’t make much sense to stick to the age-old tradition of telling the time that hasn’t changed much since the sun-dial. The Vasco questions tradition with its 24-hour collection of watches. Swiss 24-hour movement on the inside, and sheer style on the outside, the Vasco’s series of watches are made for all occasions. With the same movement on the inside, the watch is available in 4 distinct styles that all explore varied classic aesthetics. The Inflexible and Terrible (french for terrific) explore metal bodies and straps, with a stainless steel casing and a steel Milanese mesh band. The Terrible introduces metal to the dial too with a brushed steel finished watch-face. For the leather aficionado, the Amiral and Solitaire feature bands made from the finest French bull leather. Amiral explores a black design with a white contrasting watch face, while Solitaire works its magic with a sand-blasted metal case and a natural-colored leather strap.

All the watches feature the 24 hour time-keeping format with the hours on the inside and the minutes on the outside. A curved Sapphire glass makes the watches scratch-resistant, while subtly magnifying the time. The watches are also water-resistant to 5 atmospheres (roughly 50 meters). Enthusiasts can even get their hands on a Vasco wall-clock, featuring the same 24-hour time-keeping style!

Ideal for someone who’s looking for something new in their timepiece, the Vasco comes with a slight learning curve that one can easily get the hang of. Suited perfectly for people accustomed to reading army-time, Vasco puts that format to good practice within a range of watches that fit everyone’s style sensibilities!

Designer: Benjamin Chamfeuil

BUY NOW: $195.00 $285.00











BUY NOW: $195.00 $285.00