The Well-Mannered Wastebin

The latest from LÚCID, this rubbish bin focuses its attention to the lid for added functionality & user friendliness. It features an electronic lock system with a hands-free sensor to automatically open & close when the user approaches. To keep the contents hidden, a dual-hinged cover keeps unsightly, smelly items contained for the user’s comfort. Made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene thermoplastic (the same stuff as Legos), the bin has the strength & rigidity of plastic as well as the toughness of rubber.

Designer: LÚCID


  • MFF says:

    I love its simplicity of the shapes! It’s great to apply good design to objects that normally seems that don’t deserve it.

  • stelle says:

    i‘m curious about how to clean it when we used a period of time

  • Jeff says:

    Hmm . . . nice idea but do we really need to be using MORE electricity? And it would have to be plugged in or re-charged somehow. Solar isn’t powerful enough (yet!) for a motor to open/close the lid multiple times.

    I would suggest a re-design where a solar-powered sensor will pop open the spring-loaded lid when a user approaches BUT then the user can close it MANUALLY (and re-load the spring).

  • Pol says:

    Hi! This product has been designed to have an easy cleaning. There is inside a plastic bag (PE) adjusted all along the contour, so all the rubbish goes straight to this bag. User just has to take off the head of the bin and remove the plastic bag easily.

    Thanks for asking!

  • Pol says:

    Hello Jeff!

    This Sanitary Bin is available in two different versions, manual and automatic. The second one was done because of the user comfort. Many resellers asked for this electronic function because people doesn’t like to touch this kind of bins, and this system allows the user to throw the garbage without touching the lid. We solved this version with a two alcaline small batteries, so we just use energy when people approach the hand over the lid.

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