You’re Probably Wondering Why this Pencil is Entirely Made from Carbon Fiber

The wooden pencil is like the reliable, four-door sedan. It’s been around for long, hasn’t changed radically, and has served its purpose well for decades. The mechanical pencil is a bit like a coupe. It’s an upgrade, both in terms of the way it works, and while it isn’t as ubiquitous as the wood pencil (or the sedan), the people who do use it, love it. The CARBONARA pencil (not to be confused with the classic Italian pasta) is a step up from the coupe… a roadster of pencils if you will. It’s edgy, has a classy design, and is backed by a great deal of engineering. It also features the use of a material that hasn’t seen a debut in stationery yet… carbon fiber. Yes, the CARBONARA pencil is a unibody pencil crafted from a single piece of carbon fiber.

The use of the material is no gimmick. Just like a roadster is modeled on the lines of a coupe, but made to be faster, lighter, and better, the CARBONARA pencil is designed to be stronger, lighter, and better than a regular mechanical pencil. The carbon fiber gives it its light weight, but also plays a crucial role in the functioning of the pencil. The pencil comes with two hollow slots running across the side, separated by a pillar in the middle. Press down on one slot, and the other one expands ever so slightly. Now slide a lead into the CARBONARA pencil, and you’ve got yourself a fully functional mechanical pencil that ejects the lead when its sides are pressed inwards. The action isn’t complex in theory, but requires a good amount of engineering to work effectively with the optimal amount of pressure. When done right, you’ve got a unibody pen that is lightweight as well as unbelievably strong (you can even opt for the variant with the aluminum tip, for a nice bit of color and material contrast). The carbon fiber bends ever so slightly, but literally never breaks, giving you a functional mechanical pencil that’s a delight to look at, to own, and promises to last not one lifetime, but multiple ones!

Designers: Miquel Tejero, Gerard Arqué & Oriol Gener of BoO Barcelona

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The CARBONARA pencil is the world’s first unibody pencil crafted from a single piece of carbon fiber with an innovative gripping system for the lead.


The CARBONARA pencil doesn’t have any mechanisms and it works through bending of the carbon fiber 3K sarga with a bidirectional fiber orientation and aluminum 5000 serie.

When you press the carbon fiber it opens and the lead slides out and when you stop pressing, it closes.


The pressure exerted on the carbon cylindrical body allows the regulation of the lead with the separation of an aluminum tip.


The pencil weights 7.3 grams (0.26 oz) and is available in two finishes: Glossy Silver and Matte Black. It comes with a graphite and a red lead, along with a custom small-size sharpener.


Matte Black CARBONARA pencil with red lead.


Glossy Silver CARBONARA pencil with red lead.


Matte Black CARBONARA pencil with graphite lead.


Glossy Silver CARBONARA pencil with graphite lead.


The pencil is designed with a sturdy aluminum tip.


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