A simple attachment turns your razor into a stubble-trimmer

People who want a clean shave need use a razor. People who want a stubble need to use an electric trimmer. Between those 1.5 millimeters of hair, you transition from a relatively inexpensive, handy product that does one job and does it well, to a clunky, battery-powered, electric trimming device that needs charging, and doesn’t come cheap. An electric trimmer doesn’t give you a clean shave, and a hand razor doesn’t let you maintain a stubble. Sounds incredibly counter-productive, right?

The idea behind the Stubl razor is so simple, it’s baffling that it isn’t mainstream yet. The disposable razor comes with an extra plastic stubble-shaver attachment. Use the razor without the attachment for a clean shave, or pop the attachment on and get yourself a neat, uniform stubble in minutes using the same tool, instead of gravitating towards an electric product that comes with wires, chargers, batteries, and a price tag. Since the attachment prevents the razor from coming in contact with your skin, you don’t need creams or foams or gels of any kind. Just run the razor along your jawline a few times to get the perfect 5 o’clock shadow. The Stubl packs four disposable blades and three stubble attachments that give you varying stubble-lengths. Take that, multi-billion-dollar male grooming industry!

Designer: Blake Squires