Honor’s Flypods look slightly familiar, don’t you think?


It’s one thing to have products that look a certain way because ergonomic data or a manufacturing procedure dictates how that product is to be designed. It’s completely another thing to absolutely rip off an existing design and make small changes to it and claim it as yours. Looking at Honor’s Flypods it’s very easy to tell which route the Chinese company took.

Clad in blue, with a design that looks like the Airpods grew a beer-belly, the Flypods come with the same earpiece and a slightly thicker stem. The earphones are IP54 waterproof (enough to resist beads of sweat) and give you 3 hours of listening time. Pop them back in the charging case (which looks heavily influenced too) and you’ve got another 20 hours of music, calls, and audiobooks. And these earbuds even come with their own AI voice assistant named YoYo. Yes, I can just imagine how many times the voice assistant is going to get wrongly triggered every time someone colloquially uses the phrase Yo. Or worse still, what if I want to listen to some Yo-Yo Ma?

Designer: Honor